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Are you planning to travel to Pulau Tenggol? Checking out info on Pulau Tenggol how to get there? Tenggol Island is one of the gorgeous islands in the eastern part of Malaysia. Tenggol Island (locally known as Pulau Tenggol) is a beautiful, laidback island 2-3 days getaway. The

Pulau Sembilan Snorkeling If you love marine life, then you should consider Pulau Sembilan Snorkeling. Picture yourself getting out of your camping tent in the morning and you are right at the coastline. That was specifically what we were expecting so we planned to stay overnight

Pulau Tenggol is a perfect island for divers, and you can find the Pulau Tenggol Dive Package here. Tenggol Island is an additional beautiful diving getaway island merely 45 mins from the coastal jetty in Kuala Dungun. Its dimension is about 3 km in size

Pulau Rawa is one of the islands located 16 km off Mersing (i.e. a small town in Johor Malaysia). So how to go to Pulau Rawa?   How To Go To Pulau Rawa If this is your first time travelling to Pulau Rawa, you might be wondering how