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When is The Best Time To Visit Rawa Island

Best Time To Visit Rawa Island

Travelling to Rawa Island and wonder when is the best time to visit Rawa Island? Famed for its white coral reefs sand, tall hand trees and also reef with neon-coloured fish and also other exotic marine life. This quiet island only has 2 selections of accommodation on it. The wood huts snuggled among coconut groves enhance the island’s track record as an enchanting retreat. Rawa is a small, beautiful island located 16 km (10 mi) off the eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia. Bordered by tidy blue waters with jungle vegetation having a hard time for a grip on the craggy cliffs, the island would have been bypassed by the visitor profession entirely were it not for the soft white sands fringing its western coast. Had by the Johor Sultanate, Rawa Island has actually been sensitively developed with just 2 tiny resorts. For individuals seeking a private, weekend vacation, you can’t locate a much more picturesque location compared to this one.

Pulau Rawa Peak Season

During Pulau Rawa peak season which is from April to October there are bunch of ferryboats and rate ferry relocating in between Mersing and also Rawa, yet during the off period there will certainly be simply 1 or 2 trips each day. So much better check the ferryboat time as well as prepare the journey accordingly. Ferries and overnight keeps can be reserved with the hotel workplace on Jalan Abu Bakar in Mersing, or reserved beforehand. The only method to go to Rawa Island is by ferry, typically from Mersing. From Mersing, Rawa island is a 30 minutes speed boat trip or a 1 hour ferryboat ride.

Pulau Rawa Traveling Period

When should be the Pulau Rawa Traveling Period? Although the hotel is open all year round, it is advisable not to take a trip during the gale season between November as well as very early March. If waves are high, the ferry drivers will not move visitors to the island. Approximate taking a trip time: 4 hrs from KL and Singapore. Nearest airport terminal is close to Kuantan.

Pulau Rawa Best Time To Go

The best time to go Rawa Island is prior to November or after march. You can get a boat from the Mersing jetty and also it takes about 1 hr by slow-moving boat or HALF AN HOUR by rate ferry. This cost you RM35 each per person. Or you could organize with the hotel for a pick up at Mersing jetty.

Pulau Rawa Best Time to Visit

The sea gets harsh as well as murky throughout the eastern coast’s monsoon (November – March), so the best time to visit Pulau Rawa would be outside of this period.

Because of its tiny dimension, there is no neighborhood transport on this island. You could walk up and down the coastline along the island’s western side within 15 mins. There is also a steep course bring about the peak of the island which takes a comparable quantity of time to stroll. The other sides of the island contain inaccessible rough cliffs.

If the sea is calm you may intend to rent a canoe as well as paddle around Rawa Island, for a various view of the island, consisting of cliffs and also caverns on the eastern coastline. The eastern coastline must be avoided in bad weather as there is no risk-free harbour on this side of the island and waves and wind could press you towards ocean blue.


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