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Dive Tenggol – Excellent Pulau Tenggol Diving Experience

Dive Tenggol

Dive Tenggol is one of the best diving experiences you might have. Pulau Tenggol is another lovely diving vacation island that lies offshore of Kuala Dungun in the southerly of Terengganu. This small and tiny island is just 45 minutes from the seaside quite jetty in Kuala Dungun. However, this does not prevent it from coming to be a heaven for lots of people specifically diving fanatics at dive Tenggol.

Pulau Tenggol Diving

Pulau Tenggol Diving is one of the must-do activities at this lovely island – Dive Tenggol. There is something for everybody from simply unwinding to interesting and revitalizing. Pulau Tenggol is gazetted as an aquatic haven and supplies the devoted scuba diver over 20 diving places.

The interior of the island is high sunken rough cliffs. This rocky surface expands from the interior of the island to the ocean and has created a significant canvas for diving at the same time an optimal retreat for aquatic life. For instance in Teluk Air Tawar where the seabed will initially slope gently down from the beach.

Tenggol Island Diving

Tenggol Island diving is one of the best activities that you should never miss. Diving in locations like Teluk Air Tawar, Tanjung Gemok, and Tanjung Sarong Lang can be very difficult partly because of the solid existing concreted walls from the sunken wreckages that lie underneath the clear blue water. Nevertheless, it is still worth to try your good luck here besides the calm Coral yards to truly enjoy dive Tenggol.

You possibly will have an opportunity to consult with hump head parrotfish, large stingray, bat fishes, whale shark, leopard shark, education jacks, etc. They are the usual homeowners here. Whale sharks can be seen in a specific location from August to October annually. On the island itself, behind the sandy beach is the hotel that blends harmoniously into the surrounding setting and fits every site visitor after a long, energetic day. 

The island offers unique thrills for both divers and non-divers. The weather at Pulau Tenggol, ranging from 32°c in the day to 25°c at night. Dungun Dive Resort is strategically located in Terengganu at the river mouth of Dungun River.

Tenggol Dive Site

More than 20 different Tenggol dive sites present you with colourful marine life including soft and leather corals, and a variety of hard corals for you to fully enjoy dive Tenggol. What you will be expecting about Tenggol dive site? Most of the Tenggol dive sites are dotted around the island, so we returned to the resort after every dive on our small speed boat. Here are some of the dive Tenggol sites you do not want to miss.

tenggol dive siteSource Credit – monsooncup.com.my

  • Turtle Point (Depth: 10-15m) –
    This is a relatively easy dive just off the shore from the resort beach. It has a sandy bottom with lots of staghorn and sponge corals. There were plenty of sea cucumbers too.
  • TV Wreck (Depth: 20-25m) –
    This wreck is located within the bay of our resort as well, and is called TV Wreck because of the abandoned television just outside the sunken fisherman’s boat.
  • Rajawali Cave (Depth: 15-18m) –
    This dive Tenggol site is located on the northwest part of the island, just above the beach bay. It has plenty of corals– rock, soft, and trumpet corals; and is also home to an abundance of nudibranchs.
  • Tanjung Api to Sri Nakhota (Depth: 15-20m) –
    This was the furthest dive for us, towards the northeast of the island. It was filled with various types of nudibranchs and you will spot a crown of thorns and several cushion starfishes.
  • Teluk Rajawali (Depth: 20-25m) –
    One of the sites furthest north of the island, this dive Tenggol site is teeming with corals. There are also several boulders and high walls along this northern bay.
  • Five Sisters (Depth >25m) –
    This wreck consists of 5 wrecks attached together. It wasn’t a very impressive wreck though– small and almost completely broken down with a carpet of moss, and various nudibranchs.

After that an unexpected drop of 90 ft deep after some 600ft from the coast creating a large spread of sloping coral reef on the rough wall surface. Whereas in Rajawali Coral reef, as you dive deeper adhering to the up and down rough walls which drop as deep as 32m, you will uncover a healthy growth of encrusting corals reefs near the bottom, accompanied by other aquatic fishes like batfish and blacktip reef shark.

The diverse range of dive sites around Pulau Tenggol are perfect for drift diving, deep diving, and wreck dives. The wrecks around Pulau Tenggol are popular with photographers. The island also has walls of corals where divers can enjoy up-close sightings of massive animals such as whale sharks.

Pulau Tenggol Dive Center

The Tenggol Island Dive Resort has its own fully-equipped dive center. The majority of the travelers come to Pulau Tenggol to experience excellent diving. However, the dive group usually will have their own certified instructor and divemaster who were familiar with the Tenggol dive site around the island.

Pulau Tenggol’s resorts usually sell diving packages that include four dives over two days. Tenggol Coral Beach Resort has a very efficient Pulau Tenggol dive center manned by young and enthusiast Malay staff and dive Tenggol masters who guide divers out at 8.30 am and 10.30 am, and 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm.

Feel free to decide what time you want to enjoy your dive Tenggol. However, it is highly recommended to go to the Pulau Tenggol dive center in the mornings when visibility is better, and the light is not too harsh above the water — this makes the sea bottom too shiny, and harder to see and enjoy.

Pulau Tenggol Diving Course

pulau tenggol diving
Source Credit – tenggol.com.my

A full range of Pulau Tenggol diving course is available to cater for a broad range of individuals, from beginner to professional. It is critical that you receive customized diving experience.

To the interior of the Pulau Tenggol, it is deep forested rocky hillsides that make it a breath-taking destination for journey seekers. The hills rising over 800ft is a great place to have a panoramic perspective of the island. If you want to have a great experience of dive Tenggol, you can consider taking up a diving course.

Dive Tenggol – Best Time To Dive at Tenggol Island

The underwater world is home to an incredible collection of nudibranchs, sea turtles, the giant double-headed parrotfish, yellowtail fusiliers, trevallies and napoleon fish, to name a few. Sightings of eagle rays, black-tipped reef sharks and large barracudas are common. There are also sightings of large pelagics, whale sharks and manta rays generally at the beginning and end of our diving season (March, April, September and October) which is the best time to experience dive Tenggol.

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