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10 Pulau Rawa Facts You Need to Know

Pulau Rawa Facts

What is the 10 Pulau Rawa Facts you need to know?

Are you fed up with the commercial beaches which are too crowded with tourists during the peak

season? You are definitely not the only one with that grungy feeling. All you are longing for this

weekend, it’s a peaceful evening on the beach. But, that peaceful feeling was abducted by

overjoyed tourists – you are left with a ruined vacation! That may be a little exaggeration, but I

am sure sometimes we need time and space with the least interruptions.




We all know that the southern east coastline has some of the most hidden gems in Malaysia –

crystal clear lagoons, white powdery beaches with extraordinary sea views. Pulau Rawa, an island

maintained so well by the Johor Royale Sultan has been rated as one of the best unknown island

in Malaysia. Of course, once you and many others have read this article, the island may start to

have heaps of tourists groups flocking into the island by next holiday. Not so pricey as compared

to a lot of islands that is already commercially developed, you can expect quite a decent value for

what the island has to offer.

10 Pulau Raw Facts You Need to Know

#1 Enjoy the powdery beach and sink your feet to the ground.

#2 Enjoy absolute crystal clear water.

#3 Cash means everything! Everyone prefer to trade in cash on the island.

#4 No diving shop on the island! Divers, please plan ahead for replenishing your gears.

#5 Boat trips should usually be included with the accommodation package.

#6 No medical infrastructure on the island. Mersing is your nearest town with proper medical aid.

Please bring your medications or bring along some cold medicine if you are feeling feverish.

#7 Avoid planning your trip during March to September because it’s quite a wet, rainy season.

#8 Expect 2.5 to 3 hours of drive from Johor Bahru to Mersing if you are planning to drive your

own car.

#9 For an extravagance experience on the island, go for Rawa Island Resort.

#10 If you have a budget, Alang’s Rawa, a privately owned chalet resort would probably be your

best choice.


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