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Pulau Rawa Resort – Where To Stay @ Pulau Rawa

Pulau Rawa Resort

Finding a place to stay in Pulau Rawa is so much easier because there isn’t much Pulau Rawa Resort available for you to choose from. There are only 2 options for you to decide which one will be your perfect Pulau Rawa Resort. They are both located on the same beach and just next to each other. So finding the location for your resort will not be a problem as well.

One resort is more expensive and the other is cheaper. So you will just need to work out your budget to see which one is more affordable and suitable for you.

>> Tip @ Island In Malaysia: Book your resort in advance!

As there are only 2 Pulau Rawa Resorts around, there is a high chance of resorts being fully booked during high season especially during school holiday. If you prefer to be more adventurous and decided to go for a campaign, then you do not need to worry about the booking.

Pulau Rawa Hotel / Pulau Rawa Chalet?

In this beautiful island, there aren’t many options if you are looking for Pulau Rawa Hotel or Pulau Rawa Chalet.

So which are the only 2 Pulau Rawa Resorts?

1) Rawa Island Resort

Rawa Island Resort is more expensive than Alang’s Rawa. However, it has decent rooms that are well maintained and well managed. They have a few villas and offer different types of room based on the view and the location that you have chosen.

For your concern, the room comes with A/C.

>> Recommended if you are going with your family especially if you are going with children or parents.

You can find out more about the room rates and booking for Rawa Island Resort HERE.

2) Alang’s Rawa

Alang’s Rawa is cheaper than Rawa Island Resorts. The resort offers a small and very relaxed basic room in a small little cozy house. The charges and pricing is based on no. of person instead of no. of room. So it is always the favourite option by backpackers & young westerners.

For your concern the room doesn’t come with A/C, it only has fresh air and fans.

>> Recommened if you are backpacker, or travelling with a group of friends. If you have kids under 16 it is NOT recommended as they have a policy that restrict children below 16 on weekends.


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