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Blue Tears at Pulau Sembilan Perak Malaysia

Pulau Sembilan is a unique island that consists of a group of nine islands concerning 15-20 km off the southern Perak Shoreline Malaysia. They are uninhabited however can be gone to for field trip or Overnight (for camping) on weekends. A major destination is the so-called “Blue Tears” – a luminescent purple plankton discovered in abundance along the coastlines in the evening. The main island for site visitors is Pulau Lalang, which has basic centres consisting of water and commodes. Pulau Sembilan are the preferred destination for leisure angling with watercrafts conveniently prepared from Pasir Penambang close to Manjung community. If you prepare to land on the islands, you need to acquire a license from the Perak State Parks Corporation with the main office in Bagan Dato and a sub-office at Marina Bay in Lumut. Book ahead as licenses are restricted to 120 site visitors on the weekend breaks.

Sembilan Island

Right here is one place I would certainly suggest for scuba diving, which is Sembilan Island in Perak. This area is not popular yet! It is composed of 9 unoccupied islands and lies 27km south of Lumut or 90 minutes by boat from Pangkor Island. In this location, the most preferred diving sites are the Lighthouse and White Rock/ Black Rock.

There are many various other diving sites for Open Water Scuba diver in Sembilan Island Malaysia. At some of these diving sites, there is a possibility for you to see simulate octopus, adolescent bamboo sharks, seahorses, nudibranchs, juvenile yellow boxfish, juvenile blue-ringed angelfish, butterfly fish, long finned bannerfish, blue-ringed angelfish, groupers, tuna and also trevallies. Coral reefs consist of large and little nudibranchs, staghorn coral reefs, large nudibranchs, tube coral reefs, whip coral reefs, barrel sponges, and lively soft reefs.

A day’s trip with three drives will cost MYR320 with your tools or MYR370 with a full set of tools rental. During the dives, the visibility was only between 2- 4 metres. Based on Quiver’s dive group, exposure can be 6– 8m and with the help of some mild ocean currents. Quiver Dive Group lies at Marina Island, Lumut, Perak. You can find all the information regarding diving in Pulau Sembilan on their website.

Pulau Sembilan Perak Malaysia

Pulau Sembilan Perak Malaysia or 9 Islands is a cluster of islands that can be efficient for angling. Common target varieties here consist of the large hard-tail scad, trevally, queenfish, and barracuda among others. Pulau Sembilan Perak is close to Pangkor Island and the ultra-glamorous, insanely-expensive-to-stay-at Pangkor Laut Hotel. It takes regarding an hour’s boat ride to get to Pulau Sembilan in normal seas at rates of around 20 plus to 30 knots from the mainland.

Pulau Sembilan Blue Sand

Pulau Sembilan blue sand is a natural and amazingly beautiful scenery. Image yourself getting out of your tent in the early morning and you are right at the coastline. That was precisely just what we were hoping for, so we intended to remain overnight in outdoors tents, even though it was possible to do a one-day journey to Pulau Sembilan. And, thanks to our helper, we did not also need to pitch our tents. The camping area was rather well geared up with basic demands for individuals. My friend asked for two mid-sized four-men outdoors tents considering that there were five people. We both had even more room to rest pleasantly during the night whereas the various other 3 needed to press right into their camping tent.

The island group is especially popular for its excellent angling probabilities, yet the islands themselves are additionally quite lovely. If you love fishing, this is the location to go. You can charter a boat at Lumut harbor or from Pangkor Island, or attempt among the tour workplaces in Sungei Wang shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur. Many residents head out in the weekend breaks for a fishing expedition at Sembilan. There is a yearly competition for fishermen at the Pulau Sembilan Angling Safari. Lately many fishermen’s additionally fish at a brand-new area neighboring Marina Island, as this is nearer to Lumut.

Pulau Sembilan Blue Tears

The location around the islands is not only understood for its Pulau Sembilan Blue Tears. It is possible to dive around Sembilan. Quiver Dive Group has a workplace in Lumut (their HQ remains in Perhentian). Specifically fantastic regarding Pulau Sembilan diving is that you dive right here all year long; no downpour will affect diving problems. In contrast to the lovely islands at the east coastline of Peninsula Malaysia. Presence normally ranges between 5m and 15m, depending on the weather that day. During bad weather condition presence may go down rapidly, and the area will certainly also have too strong currents. Amateur and beginner scuba divers could be ideal off by picking a clear sunny day when diving around Sembilan.

Pulau Sembilan Map

Pulau Sembilan Map below give you an idea on how the 9 islands are surrounding by each other. You can find daily buses that depart from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut. The jetty where you can prepare a boat to take you to Sembilan. The least expensive solution to get to Lumut is by taking a bus as it just sets you around RM25 (one-way, VIP 4-hour trip). Right opposite of Lumut Jetty is the bus terminal, so it is just a small walk to get to the Jetty. Additionally right in front of the jetty are a parking lot with 24/7 security where you can park your automobile for RM10 daily. Quiver Dive Team has their Lumut office at Marina Island where their jetty departs to Sembilan.

Boat to Pulau Sembilan

Most people visit the island as an outing and will be looking for boat to Pulau Sembilan. Typically, a team of friends or a household lease a boat at the small harbour and they see the island for a nice outing. For this, Lalang Island has the best coastlines. Some leave extremely early in the morning to catch fish in the area and afterwards prepare and consume the fish throughout lunch at one of the great remote coastlines. Sembilan has no holiday accommodation. Nearby location to stay is Pangkor Island. You can check out the Pulau Sembilan Package for a better plan to the island.




Proper outfit and footwear for outside tasks are needed. If you are looking and researching for Pulau Sembilan Hotel, the island has no accommodation and the closest resort and accomodation you can get is at Pangkor Island. Your apparel needs to agree with outside convenience. Baggy and lightweight garments and non-slippery footwear are recommended. Constantly be prepared with ideal rainfall gear for instance raincoat, poncho, and waterproof/water resistant carrier.

Pulau Pemanggil

Islands Nearby Pulau Sembilan

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