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Pulau Tinggi How To Get There

Pulau Tinggi How To Get There

Travelling to Pulau Tinggi and looking for information Pulau Tinggi How to get there?

Pulau Tinggi is located at the east of Johor and it is accessible from Tanjung Leman Jetty. You will need to take a speed boat from Tanjung Leman Jetty to get to Pulau Tinggi.

If you have booked a package from your Pulau Tinggi Resort, your resort should have transportation arrangement ready for you. Prior your travel date, you should check with your Pulau Tinggi Resort and ensure the time of arrival and departure to the resort.

It will take approximately 45 minutes to reach to Pulau Tinggi from the jetty. If you are driving to Tanjung Leman Jetty, do not worry about your car. There is an open space car park at the jetty that costs RM8 per day.

How To Go Pulau Tinggi By Air or Flight

If driving is not an option for you, you can consider to take flight to Pulau Tinggi. HOwever, there is no direct flight to Pulau Tinggi. The nearest aiport is Johor Bahru airport. You will arrived at Johor Bahru airport and from the airport you can take taxi to Tanjung Leman Jetty which will take you about 2 hours.

How To Go Pulau Tinggi By Air or Bus

If you are planning to go mersing by bus, it will take about 45 minutes. There are express buses to Kulang or Johor Bahru and you can connect to Tanjung Leman with local bus or taxi.

There are Mersing Omnibus available at the local bus station within Mersing town. From there you can take a bus heading to Bukit Tinggi. There will be a lot of taxis waiting at the function for the passenger. It will cost you about RM10-RM15 per taxi per way. s. Taxi fare should be about RM10 – RM15 per taxi per way.

Have you decided which option you are going for to get to Pualu Tinggi?

Most of the visitors from Kuala Lumpur will travel by car. It will take about 4 hours drive to Johor Bahru and you can just park your car at the jetty. It is safe and very convenient. As you can plan your schedule according to your own timetable. The only downside will be the journey will be longer as ocmpare to taking a flight .

Whichever options will get you to Pualu Tinggi, you will just need to find the best option for you and your family and friends if you are travelling in a group. Plan your journey and you will have a fun trip at Pulau Tinggi.


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