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The Best Sapi Island Tour Package

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Amongst all the islands close to Kota Kinabalu City (KK), Sapi Island (Pulau Sapi) wins the most votes as the favorite of travelers with its Sapi Island Tour Package. Sapi Island is only 25-acre (10 ha) huge and the 2nd tiniest island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Though it’s about 1/3 the dimension of more popular and established Manukan Island close by, people, like it’s much less commercialized setting as well as every center, is merely a brief walk away.

As soon as you get there Sapi Island, thousands of fishes, and also lovely sea sight at the jetty already impress you, many will certainly think “it’s going to be an awesome tour!” I really feel the exact same no matter how many times I see Sapi. Sapi is truly a gift to KK, the number of cities in the world has wonderful tropical island only 7 KM away?

Sapi Island has everything it takes to be an awesome island location, i.e. blue sky, white sandy beach, crystal clear seawater, environment-friendly woodland, and … how concerning some wildlife? Allows fulfilling the “dragons” of Sapi. I imply Screen Reptile. Loads of monitor lizards stroll easily at the forest edge of Sapi and also some adults to 2 Meters long, so huge that vacationers mistake them as Komodo Dragon.

sapi island tour package
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Display Lizards are not aggressive as well as they are never ever an issue to the visitors. Merely overlook them like just how they neglect you. They just attack when you leave them no choice. Now, what are the Sapi Island Tour Package that your tour guide recommended to you?

Sapi Island Activities

Fire your tourist guide if he doesn’t suggest you to snorkel as one of the Sapi Island activities in your Pulau Sapi Island tour package. It’s a must-try. The best concentration of reefs lies at the southern side of the island. You will not see much coral if you snorkel near the beach full of travelers. You don’t need to make any session with Nemo. They are always there.

Sapi Island appears to have more fishes compared to various other islands of KK. If you wish to go fishing near to KK, experienced fishermen will bring you to water around Sapi Island. The majority of corals I saw throughout snorkeling are tough corals such as lettuce as well as staghorn reefs. Throughout low tide, they are simply a few feet under my tummy.

Snorkeling in Sapi Island

In the sunny day, the exposure is exceptional. Corals reefs likewise require the sunshine like the plant, the clear water helps them to prosper. Part of your Sapi Island tour package, you can rent out snorkeling types of equipment (RM25/day US$ 7.60/ day for a snorkel, mask, fins & life vest), beach mat, camping outdoor tents, and so on from a store on the island. Tiny locker is readily available for a rental fee of RM10 (US$ 3) a day. Refundable down payment uses so bring added revenue.

In addition to Snorkeling in Sapi Island Tour, the various other Sapi Island activities you may take pleasure in consists of Sea Strolling, para-sailing, and diving. There’s no hotel or hotel on Sapi Island. However, camping is permitted with the approval of the Park Warden.

Bear in mind to bring mosquito repellent if you mean to remain a night on the island. There are crab-eating apes on the island and other smaller birds that might frequently be seen. The splendid white-bellied sea eagle which is amongst the finest of its varieties in the world has its nest on Sapi Island and also might often be discovered soaring through the skies.

Pulau Sapi or Sapi Island has one of the best coastlines as well as is the littlest island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. It’s only about 15 minutes of watercraft transfer from Jesselton Factor jetty (community) or 10 minutes from Sutera Harbour to the island.

Pulau Sapi Flying Fox Price – Coral Flyer Zip-line

pulau sapi flying fox price
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The Sapi flying fox,  Coral Flyer zip-line is a fantastic activity you should include in Sapi Island Tour. Not only it provides, even more, but nature experience, the brand-new tasks such as Coral reefs Flyer (lengthiest island to island zipline worldwide) also make this little island a lot more amazing.

When looking left and right the view is simply magnificent and it’s hard to believe you’re right in the middle of it. If you’re in Borneo, you must do this – you will regret it otherwise.

Some people choose to go to Mamutik Island to Snorkel but come to Pulau Sapi for Flying Fox. The Pulau Sapi Flying Fox Price is around RM60. It’s interisland activities and a great chance for you to tick it off your bucket list.

sapi island tour
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Pulau Sapi Package

Pulau Sapi package and the services for vacationers are fundamental however fairly full-on Sapi Island. Jetty, commodes/ changing spaces, benches, coffee shops, grocery store shops, and also shelters are offered for public accessibility. The only thing that Sapi Island tour doesn’t have is island holiday accommodation. Camping is allowed yet you must inform the Park Warden at reception counter for the approval.

Sapi Cafe is open from 8 am to 4 pm every day, as well as they offer typical food as well as a drink such as deep-fried rice from RM7 to RM23 (US$ 2-7). You could click here to see their food selection (costs as of Apr 2015), which has a good variety of selections (Note: Some food things may not available sometimes).

Sapi Island Tour Price

You might need to work out the traveling budget and here is some guideline on Sapi Island tour price. Sapi Island is a public aquatic park handled by the federal government (Sabah Parks) as well as ready for the walk-in neighborhood and global visitors each day. After you spend for the return boat transfer, you need to purchase travel (which is called Preservation Charge) to enter the island.

sapi island day trip
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Some traveling agents may bill you RM150 to RM 180 (≈ US$ 45-55) each for a Sapi Island Tour price package deal (consists of land/boat transfer, lunch, entrance charge, snorkeling equipment, overview solution) to Sapi Island. If you set up the journey on your own, it’ll cost only RM80 (≈ US$ 24) or less. For instance, let’s say you are a foreign adult vacationer, below is the sample spending plan:

  • Return Boat Transfer (& Terminal Cost): RM30
  • Island Entry Fee: RM10 (non-Malaysian grownup).
  • Snorkeling Equipment: RM25 (lease from the shop on an island).
  • Lunch: RM15 (bring your own lunch).

For individuals, the park imposes a tiny Outdoor camping Charge of RM5 (≈ US$ 1.50) for the adult as well as RM2 (≈ US$ 0.60) for a youngster (below 18). Please be informed that you have to pay added RM50 (≈ US$ 15) to boat driver for next-day pickup.

Camping tent (fit 4 individuals) is offered for lease at RM30/day (≈ US$ 9/day) on the island. The island stores close at 4 pm, so you better obtain your belonging from storage locker or acquire your final supply such as food prior to the close.

Pulau Sapi Island Day Trip

Sapi Island is just 10 to 15 mins away from KK by boat, you can plan for a Sapi Island Tour – Sapi Island Day Trip if you are traveling to another nearby island such as Gaya Island. You could employ a boat at any one of the boat terminals in KK City (open from 8 am to 4 pm) with your Sapi island tour package. Please keep in mind the last watercraft returning to KK City leaves at 4 pm or 4:30 pm.

Appreciate its clean white sand and crystal clear water and also coral reefs fringing the coastline makes it perfect for swimming, snorkeling as well as diving. Day-use facilities include a jetty, outing sanctuaries, barbeque pits, tables, transforming spaces as well as toilets. Snorkeling equipment as well as fins readily available for lease at RM 5 to RM 10 each pair, with a refundable RM 40 down payment, limited lockers additionally available for the rental fee to save belongings.

Sapi Island Tour has stated the best island for snorkeling and also there’s no sharp rock as seen in Mamutik Island. However, site visitors commented the island is frequently crowded because of its small coastline size.

You can check out what’s the Pulau Sapi Resort package available here.


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