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Pulau Sapi

Sapi Island, actually called “Cow Island” in Malay is simply off the south-western pointer of Gaya Island. The 25-acre (10 ha) island includes among the nicest coastlines in the park and also most popular with travelers for snorkeling as well as diving.

In between, 10 am and also 4 pm the island gets fairly hectic with foreign vacationers yet after the last ferryboat leaves it becomes a tranquil island with only those staying overnight.

It is developed with visitor centers that consist of a jetty, outing shelters, barbecue pits, tables, altering areas as well as commodes. The forest is populated by macaques. Outdoor camping and also campfires are allowed with approval from the park warden.

Sapi Island Malaysia

Surrounding Sapi Island Malaysia is the Tunku Abdul Rahman National forest (Malay: Taman Negara Tunku Abdul Rahman) consists of a team of 5 islands situated between 3 and also 8 km off Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.

The park is spread over 4,929 hectares, two-thirds which cover the sea. Before the Glacial epoch, it formed part of the Crocker Array mass of sandstone and also sedimentary rock on the landmass.

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Nevertheless, concerning one million years ago, the melting ice caused changes in the water level, as well as parts of the landmass, were cut off by the sea to develop the islands of Gaya Island, Sapi Island Malaysia, Manukan Island, Mamutik Island dan Sulug Island.

Evidence of this can be seen from the exposed sandstone of the shoreline forming the high cliffs, caves, honeycombs, and deep holes. The park was called after Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s initial Head of state.

Sapi Island Kota Kinabalu, KK

Jesselton Factor Ferry Terminal in midtown Kota Kinabalu is the ferry terminal for those going to Sapi Island Kota Kinabalu in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park (Gaya Island, Sapi Island, Manukan Island, Mamutik Island and also Sulug Island). This ferry terminal is likewise the separation factor for customers staying at either Manukan Island Resort, Gayana Hotel, or Bunga Raya Hotel.

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Sapi Island KK is underlain by folded up sandstone and sedimentary rock, belong to the Crocker Variety rock formation of the western coast of Sabah. To the end of Ice Age took place about one million years earlier, modifications of the sea level happened, leading to sections of the landmass being cut off by the sea, hence developing the islands today. Subjected sandstone outcrops still include the coastlines of most of these islands forming cliffs, caverns, honeycombs, and also deep crevasses along the coast.

Things To Do in Sapi Island 

Besides Snorkeling in Sapi Island, the other things to do in Sapi Island you may take pleasure in includes Sea Strolling, para-sailing, and also scuba diving. The water is incredibly crystal clear. During the day, the coastline is buzzing with a hive of coastline activities. To me, the coastline is most likely one of the area’s most attractive coastline, aside from the one I went to in Pulau Mabul.

The water is fairly shallow and also adequate shades are available. In terms of snorkeling, one still can do it below although I discovered there was not a lot of marine life compared to the surrounding island of Pulau Manukan. Or else, you can laze down by the stunning beach and also worship the sun. Simply put, activities galore on this beautiful coastline. Simply obtain your sun-tan creams and sun-shade, then head here.

I got the possibility to re-visit the coastline throughout my dive adventure to Sulug West and Hanging Garden. I made an hr rest stop right here prior to proceeding with my dive. Nothing much transformed in regards to coastline top quality – the water remains as clear as it was a few years earlier. There are currently a number of new traveler centers on the beach, namely a little coffee shop, a treat orgasm gift shop, beach structures, appointed lifeguards on a tiny watchtower, etc.

In recent days, a new concept of day-trip adventure has actually been presented to the vacationers, specifically the coastline BBQ barbecue package where visitors will certainly be able to delight in a few hours on the coastline (sunbathing, snorkeling, etc) while having a rather delicious BARBEQUE lunch. I have no suggestion about the Pulau Sapi package deal costs but it appeared to be popular amongst Eastern vacationers during my browse through.

Sapi Island Map

According to Sapi Island Map, Pulau Sapi is situated off the coast of midtown Kota Kinabalu. From Hyatt Rule Kinabalu, a 2-minute drive or a 10-minute stroll will bring you to the jetty at Jesselton Point ferryboat terminal (previously known as Sabah Port Authority jetty).

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There are a variety of excursion drivers here that will bring you to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (which includes the islands of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug as well as Pulau Mamutik). The leasing is billed per watercraft, which can vary anywhere between RM100 and RM200. One watercraft can fit 4-6 individuals. A short 20-minute breezy watercraft ride away brings you to the sun-kissed beach of Pulau Sapi.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park comes via 15– 20 minutes speedboat trip from Kota Kinabalu. The departure and also arrival point for the watercraft transfers is at the Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, located alongside the Malaysian Royal Custom Division. Boat transfers to the islands are offered daily from 7.30 am to 5 pm.

The Marine Park is a cluster of islands; Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and also Pulau Sulug. Pulau Gaya organizes the Gayana Eco Resort, Bunga Raya Resort, and also the Gaya Island hotel by YTL. Visits to these properties need prior reservations. Pulau Sapi, Manukan, and also Mamutik host coastline activities along with snorkeling and also diving. Island trips can be booked instantly at the Jesselton Jetty with the exception of diving which calls for prior setups with a dive center. Island hopping is likewise a choice.

Go Mamutik Island or Sapi Island

Tourists visiting to Kota Kinabalu City (KK) always ask, out of the five islands in Sabah, which one is recommended. If you expect a famous and exciting tourist destination, go for Sapi or Manukan Island. But if you only want a quiet beach to laze around and unwind, Mamutik Island is a small island with big space.

Mamutik Island and Sapi Island are two of the most beautiful islands in Sabah.

Pulau Sapi or Sapi Island has one of the nicest coastlines and also is the littlest island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National forest. It’s just about 15 mins watercraft transfer from Jesselton Factor jetty (town) or 10 mins from Sutera Harbour to the island.

Enjoy its clean white sand as well as crystal clear water and reef fringing the shoreline makes it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and also diving. Day-use facilities consist of a jetty, picnic shelters, barbecue pits, tables, changing spaces, and toilets.

Snorkeling gears as well as fins readily available for a rental fee at RM 5 to RM 10 each pair, with a refundable RM 40 down payment, restricted lockers likewise available for rent to keep prized possessions. Sapi Island has claimed the most effective island for snorkeling and there’s no sharp rock as seen in Mamutik Island.

Nonetheless, site visitors commented Sapi Island is frequently crowded because of it’s little coastline size.

Sapi Island Weather

Sapi Island weather is between 25 to 31 degrees. Sapi Island welcomes visitors throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Sapi Island is in August and September. June to December will be a rainy season in Sapi Island.

If you do not want to miss your snorkeling and scuba diving trip, better skip the month of June to December. Considering Sapi Island Weather, if you love water sports Months of August to September are the ideal months to visit Sapi Island.

Sapi Island is located on the west coast of Sabah state of Malaysia and the beginning of the year is relatively drier with better conditions that won’t disrupt your travel plans.

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