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Are you planning to travel to Pulau Tenggol? Checking out info on Pulau Tenggol how to get there? Tenggol Island is one of the gorgeous islands in the eastern part of Malaysia. Tenggol Island (locally known as Pulau Tenggol) is a beautiful, laidback island 2-3 days getaway.

The island was traditionally uninhabited, but now contains hotels. Vietnamese boat people were stranded on the island in aftermath of the Vietnam War.

From Kuala Terengganu, it is about one and also half hour’s drive south to quiet seaside angling town of Kuala Dungun and takes the hotel ferry boat (normally at 10 am) to Pulau Tenggol (about an hour boat trip).

Pulau Tenggol Map

pulau tenggol mapSource Credit –

Pulau Tenggol is the last island in a string of islands that include Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. It is connected by ferry to Kuala Dungun on the mainland.

In my opinion, Pulau Tenggol is one of the most underrated islands in all of Malaysia.  This could be due to its small size and a significant distance from the mainland. I recently visited Pulau Tenggol and I want to share my experience getting to the island with you so that it’s a stress-free endeavor.

Other than this watercraft services need to be prepared when it comes to Tenggol Aqua Hotel since Pulau Tenggol is not serviced by public or routine boat transportation. Pulau Tenggol how to get there? The local flight terminals are at Kerteh, about 40 minutes from Kuala Dungun. Air-cond trains from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu likewise stops at Kuala Dungun. Or you could drive to Kuala Dungun, park at the workplace of Tenggol Aqua Resort, and take the watercraft to Pulau Tenggol.

Step-by-step guide on Pulau Tenggol How To Get There (Tenggol Island)

  1. Take a bus from origin point in Peninsular Malays to coastal city – Dungun Terengganu.
  2. Due to the limited ferry and boat schedules, most visitors will stay at least 1 night in Pulau Tenggol.NOTE: After sunset, it might be hard to get a speedboat to back from Pulau Dungun. 
  3. If you’re taking a bus from Kuala Lumpur then you will need to check if it is possible to get dropped off at Dungun.
  4. If you are flying across Peninsular, Kuala Terrengagu will be the closest airport. Once you reach the airport, you can take a bus or taxi to Dungun.

Pulau Tenggol Jetty & Fery

This tiny and portable island is only 45 mins from the coastal quite Pulau Tenggol Jetty in Kuala Dungun. It is as small as 3 km in length and 2km in width. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop it from becoming a paradise for many people particularly diving enthusiasts. Pulau Tenggol Ferry solutions need to be organized from Kuala Dungun as Pulau Tenggol is not serviced by public or regular transportation.

At Kuala Dungun jetty you can arrange a boat to Pulau Tenggol. Tenggol Island is located about 25km from the coast, so it is a 50-minute ferry & boat ride to reach your resort.


pulau tenggol jetty
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Pulau Tenggol Boat Schedule

If you are staying at Pulau Tenggol Aqua Resort they provide ferryboat solutions in between the Tenggol island and Kuala Dungun.

Here is some information about Pulau Tenggol how to get there – Boat Schedule:

  • The nearest airport is the Kerteh (30mins. From Kuala Dungun)
  • Kuala Terengganu (1hr), and also Kuantan (2hr 30mins). 

How To Go Pulau Tenggol from KL & Singapore

If you are staying at Singapore or KL and looking for ways on how to go to Pulau Tenggol from KL or Pulau Tenggol how to get there from Singapore or even from other locations. Don’t Worry!

There are cool coaches from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu additionally at Kuala Dungun. Or you can drive to Kuala Dungun, park at the office of Tenggol Aqua Hotel, and take the resort ferry to Pulau Tenggol. From Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Tenggol how to get there? It is leisurely, and beautiful 7hr 30mins drive to Kuala Dungun.

Another option on Pulau Tenggol how to get there is via flight by Firefly from Subang Airport (nearer to KL compared to KLIA/LCCT) to the town of Kerteh. Visitors could fly in and also hire a taxi to Kuala Dungun.

There are 8 ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to Tenggol Island by plane, bus or train

OptionTravel MethodTime TakenPrice
Recommended OptionFly Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah to Kerteh, travel
Cheapest OptionBus6h56mRM37-RM56
Altervative OptionFly Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah to Kuala Terrengganu, bus
Altervative OptionTrain to Kuala Lumpur, fly to Kuala Lumpur, bus
Altervative OptionTrain to Kuala Lumpur, fly to Kuantan, bus
Altervative OptionBus via Tunggun Bus Terminal7h4mRM37-RM56
Altervative OptionBus via Dungun7h34mRM42-RM47
Altervative OptionBus via Jengka Sentral7h52mRM52


Pulau Sembilan Snorkeling

If you love marine life, then you should consider Pulau Sembilan Snorkeling. Picture yourself getting out of your camping tent in the morning and you are right at the coastline. That was specifically what we were expecting so we planned to stay overnight in outdoors tents, even though it was feasible to do a one-day journey to Pulau Sembilan. And thanks to our guides, we did not also need to pitch our very own tents. The camping site was quite well outfitted with fundamental requirements for individuals. My friend requested 2 mid-sized four-men outdoors tents considering that there were five of us. We both had more area to sleep pleasantly during the night whereas the other three needed to squeeze right into their tent.

The island group is particularly popular for its wonderful angling opportunities, yet the Pulau Sembilan themselves are also quite attractive. If you love angling, Pulau Sembilan is the place to go. You could charter a boat at Lumut or from Pangkor Island; or attempt among the tour workplaces in Sungei Wang shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. Lots of citizens go out in the weekends for a Pulau Sembilan Fishing Trip. There is an annual competition for fishermen, the Pulau Sembilan Angling Safari. Just recently, lots of anglers also fish at a brand-new place close-by Marina Island, as this is nearer to Lumut.

Pulau Sembilan Snorkeling is a prominent hobby and we were informed that we could run into sea cucumbers, sea urchins and also some other little fishes. My adventurous close friend recommended we put on our snorkelling equipment and head out to the sea. But all prematurely, we experienced strong currents, which drew us out towards much deeper waters. The waves breaking on the coastline likewise churned up lots of sand and made the waters much more turbid. An idea here: keep an eye out for the rocks! I got scuffed when the current carried me there.


Pulau Sembilan Diving

If you are planning to go for a Pulau Sembilan diving, the area around the islands is not only known for angling. It is possible to dive around Pulau Sembilan. Quiver Dive Group has a workplace in Lumut (their HQ remains in Perhentian). Particularly excellent regarding diving at Pulau Sembilan is that you dive right here all year long; no monsoon will influence diving conditions; contrary to the lovely islands at the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Visibility typically varies in between 5m and 15m, relying on the weather condition that day. During bad weather, current may lose rapidly, and the location will likewise have medium to solid currents. Amateur and rookie scuba divers may be best off by picking a clear bright day when diving around Sembilan. You can find out more on what they offer for the Pulau Sembilan Package.

There are daily buses that depart from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut; the jetty where you could set up a boat to take you to Pulau Sembilan Perak. The bus is without a doubt the most inexpensive remedy to get to Lumut as it is just around RM25 (one-way, VIP 4 hour trip). Right opposite of Lumut Jetty is the bus terminal, so it is just a little walk to purchase to the Jetty. Additionally right in front of the jetty are parking lots with 24/7 monitoring; where you can park your vehicle for RM10 each day. Quiver Dive Team has their Lumut workplace at Marina Island; from here their jetty leaves to Pulau Sembilan.


Pulau Tenggol is a perfect island for divers, and you can find the Pulau Tenggol Dive Package here. Tenggol Island is an additional beautiful diving getaway island merely 45 mins from the coastal jetty in Kuala Dungun. Its dimension is about 3 km in size and 2km in width. Nonetheless, this has not prevented it from becoming a paradise for many people particularly diving enthusiasts. The sandy beach blends harmoniously when it comes to the surrounding setting.

Simply the best diving in Peninsular Malaysia. Dive Tenggol, it is generally preferred that a diver be advance certified, as most of the popular dive sites are deeper with the current. Divers can enjoy clear warm water from the south between the months of March to October.

Additionally, the inland is forested rocky hillsides that make it a scenic location for journey hunters. The hills rising over 800ft offer a panoramic perspective of the island. This rocky surface prolongs from the interior of the island to the ocean and has produced a significant ideal retreat for marine life.

Check out more on the amazing experience of Dive Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol Dive Package

Here is what the Pulau Tenggol Dive Package included:

* 2-night accommodation

* 3 meals a day – last day only breakfast served

* Free flow of tea & coffee

* Return wooden boat or speedboat transfer

*Scuba Diving Tenggol Package: Guided boat dives with Air Cylinder, weights, and belt,

*SSI Open Water Course Package: Boat dives, Fin, Mask, Regulator, Wet Suit, Weight belt, Air Tank, Dive Manual, P.I.C., Logbook & Course Certification

*SSI Advanced Open Water Course: Boat dives, Fin, Mask, Regulator, Wet Suit, Weight belt, Air Tank, Dive Manual, and Course Certification

(Extension Night: 3 meals & room only)

Find out more info about the available Pulau Tenggol Resort option for you.

Appreciate more than 20 magnificent dive sites. With your Tenggol dive package, you will enjoy a colorful plethora of dive sites with numerous flavors to satisfy divers when it comes to raging interest and levels of diving proficiency.

3D2N Pulau Tenggol Diving Package included:

pulau tenggol diving package
Source Credit –

If you are looking to a 3 Days 2 nights Pulau Diving Package, you can find out more info below:

* Accommodation (air-conditioned and hot shower room)

* 3 meals a day – last day only breakfast served

* Boat dives with the dive guide, filled tank, weights, and weight belt

* Return wooden boat or speedboat transfer

* Boat Dive: 3D2N-4 OR 5 Boat Dive 4D3N-7Boat Dive 5D4N-9Boat Dive

* Surcharge Per Person Per Night (Malaysia and Singapore calendar):

RM 30.00 (Eve & School Holiday) / RM 60.00 (Eve & Public Holiday)

Tenggol Island Beach Resort

The traditional wooden huts of Tenggol Island Beach Resort blends harmoniously when it comes to the atmosphere where it nestles comfortably among the lush eco-friendlies fringing the beach. This comfortable resort is one of the fully-equipped Tenggol dive package and outfits on the island, with a full-facility divers’ base, oxygen kits for emergencies, top quality tools, and a remarkably well-created divers’ kit-up location.

There is a Sunlight Fragrance Lunchroom where you get treated to a fragrant genuine Malaysian cuisine. This resort provides the very best services at a sensible rate to make sure that your journey to dive Tenggol with the Tenggol dive package is memorable.

Tenggol Island Resort Package

There are two primary Tenggol Island Resort Package offered by Tenggol Aqua Resort. Both bundles have a minimum keep of 3D2N with alternatives for extension night. On the twin-sharing basis, 3D2N Leisure Bundle prices RM360 each for Coastline Chalets or RM510 per person for Cottage Chalets. The hotel additionally offers 3D2N Tenggol Dive Package deal that costs RM640 each for Beach Chalets, or RM790 per person for Cottage Chalets.

The 3D2N Diving Package deal features five boat dive trips inclusive of air containers and weights only. The full collection of diving tools can be rented out at RM70 per day, which I located somewhat inflated. All Tenggol dive package deals are inclusive of return boat transfer from Kuala Dungun and back, three meals per day and selections of the cottage.

Pulau Tenggol Snorkeling Package

pulau tenggol snorkeling package
Source Credit –

If you are enjoying the beauty of the sea and beach, you can consider the Pulau Tenggol Snorkelling Package:

* Accommodation (air-conditioned and hot shower room)

* 3 meals a day – last day only breakfast served

* Return wooden boat or speedboat transfer

* Snorkelling Trip: 2D1N – 1 Boat Trip 3D2N-2 Boat Trip 4D3N-3Boat Trip

(With normal mask, snorkel, & life jacket)

Pulau Tenggol Diving Course

If you are looking to take up some Pulau Tenggol Diving course for example PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOW), you will be required to take on night dive in your Tenggol Dive package. Exploring the darkness with torchlight, the marine world appears to be more beautiful, colorful and mysterious. Wide ranges of fish can be seen sleeping in small holes, depends on your luck you might be able to spot whale shark and turtle too. Let’s discover this paradise yourself!

Tenggol Diving Review

If you are still researching and finding more info on Tenggol Diving review on Tenggol dive package, I would really recommend you to just grab your bag and find out more info on Pulau Tenggol how to get there instead!

From afar, the island resembles an individual setting down, so stood the name ‘Dive Tenggol’. ‘Tenggak’ in Bahasa Malaysia means ‘to perch’ still, is noticeable as Tenggol in Terengganu’s regional language. For several, many years this deserted island maintained its secret location. Aside from local anglers waiting out the weather condition.

tenggol dive reviewNight diving experience, fishes were sleeping, the darkness was peaceful and calming. It’s recommended best to avoid night diving in Pulau Tenggol if the tide is too low. There are plenty of staghorn flanking the beach– and it might be difficult to get back to land after the dive, without stepping on them and destroying the corals.


Divers can thus enjoy diving with the elusive sea animals, especially during the months of August-October. Your safety and comfort while underwater is their utmost concern. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, it is recommended you get a professional dive experts in your Tenggol dive package to ensure you have a great time exploring the underwater wonderland. All divers need is to dive with a qualified Dive Master or Instructor that knows the local conditions well, for safe entry and exit.



Pulau Rawa is one of the islands located 16 km off Mersing (i.e. a small town in Johor Malaysia). So how to go to Pulau Rawa?


How To Go To Pulau Rawa

If this is your first time travelling to Pulau Rawa, you might be wondering how to go to Pulau Rawa.

To get to Pulau Rawa, you will first need to go to Mersing Jetty. All boats and ferries will depart from Mersing Jetty.If you have booked a package from the Pulau Rawa Resort, they will arrange a transfer from Mersing Jetty to the island.

Do not worry for breakfast if you are going to catch the earliest schedule. At the ferry terminal, there are restaurants and convenience stores if you want to fill your stomach or to grab some last minutes needs.

Just in case if you need to spend a night in Mersing, you can walk around in the town. There are hotels, banks, internet cafes, supermarkets around and it is only 15-20 minutes walk from the jetty.

By Car

If you are driving to Mersing, there is a secure car park where you can park you car overnight there. The charges is about RM8 per day.

By Boat

The boat ride will take approximately 1 hour by slow boat and 30 minutes by speed boat. The departure time is dependent on availability of boats. The price will also depend on the size of your group that is travelling to Pulau Rawa. It will usually cost about RM35 – RM45 per trip. Alternatively, you should get the arrangement from the resort to pick up at Mersing Jetty.

By Ferries

Alternatively, you can take the ferry service. The ferry will stop at Pulau Rawa between the route from Mersing to Pulau Tioman. The tickets will cost about RM45 each way. There are ferries every one to two hours between 9.30am to 5.30pm. So it is quite convenient to catch a ferry to Pulau Rawa.

By Public Transport

How to go to Pulau Rawa if you don’t have a transport? You can go to Mersing Jetty by taxi or coach. You can get a coach from Larkin Bus station, Johor Bahru.

It will cost about RM120/cab per way (charter) or RM8/way for bus. Johora Express is one of the coach service operators. They will depart early in the morning around 8.30am. However, the schedule is not frequent.

If you really can’t catch the early bus, you can take any bus from Johor Bahru to Kuantan. The cost will be higher at RM15/way as they are charging as full from Johor Bahru-Kuantan fare instead of Johor Bahru-Mersing.

Most of the buses will drop you off at the roundabout. You will then need to take Jalan Abu Bakar to get to the guesthouses.

If they dropped you at the back of the Embassy hotel, you will just need to walk straight to the big buildings into the main town to Jalan Abu Bakar.

How To Go To Pulau Rawa From Singaproe

Are you travelling from Singapore and wonder how to go to Pulau Rawa from Singapore?

You can go to Pulau Rawa via car and boat. It will take about 3 hours drive from your Singapore home / office to Mersing Jetty. However, you should expect much longer if you are travelling at peak hours or during long weekends. If you are getting a transfer van, it will cost about SGD 350 return from Singapore to Mersing Jetty.

If you are driving your own car, you can drive to Kota Tinggi from Tebrau Highway. The distance is approximately 138 km. You will never miss the exit because you will see signboard to the town along the highway. Once you arrive at the jetty, you can park your car at secured parking spaces for a very cheap rate! So you don’t need to worry about your car safety.

If you are going to Pulau Rawa after work on Friday night, there are boats available for you till midnight. You can book a charter boat with Alang’s Resort, cost about RM500 per boat. So you can get to Mersing Jetty on Friday night and upon arrival on Pulau Rawa, they will serve you with dinner.

If you have booked a room with Rawa Island Resort, you will need to take half day off. This is because Rawa Island Resort only has charter boats schedule during day time. You will need to be at Mersing Jetty before 7pm.

How To Go To Pulau Rawa From Kuala Lumpur, KL

Besides, westerners, Singaporean, there are many travellers from Kuala Lumpur too. If you are also travelling from Kuala Lumpur, most people will ask what will be the best way and how to go to Pulau Rawa.

By Air

If driving is not an option for you, you can travel down by air to the Nearest airport at Senai, in Johore Bahru. Then take a taxi to Mersing Jetty.

By Car

If you are driving down to Johor, the common road to the island will be via the PLUS North-South highway to the South and exit through Air Hitam (after Yong Peng).

After toll gate, take a right turn and continue your journey to Kluang and from there you will be able to get Mersing by taking a 3 o’clock turn at the roundabout. It will take about 3 to 4 hours drive from KL to Mersing Jetty.

Driving to Mersing is a long journey, there are two options that can shorten the route:

1) From KL to Kuala Pilah to Bandar Muazzam Shah to Mersing

This route is on a winding road.

2) From KL to Kluang to Nitar to Mersing

You can avoid the winding road via this route.

Usually the traffic is not heavy even on the festive seasons because both Bandar Muazzam Shah and Nitar are the palm oil plantation estates.

>> Tip @ Island In Malaysia: Advisable to use either routes only during day time.


Pulau Sembilan Package

If you are checking Pulau Sembilan Package, you are on the right site. Merely 10 miles south of Pulau Pangkor lies a cluster of nine islands called Pulau Sembilan; Pulau Agas, Pulau Payung, Pulau Nipis, Pulau Rumbia, Pulau Lalang, Pulau Saga, Pulau Buluh, Black Rock and White Rock. Secluded and uninhabited, Pulau Sembilan is popular with campers throughout weekends and public vacations. Several of the islands has a revitalizing clear stream and soft sandy coastline ideal for camping.

For Pulau Sembilan snorkelling and diving, the station in between Pulau Rumbia and Pulau Lalang is specifically outstanding. Merely 15 metres deep, its sandy base is embellished with a myriad of vibrant corals. Amongst the many unique marine life found here are groupers, snappers, and barracudas. Another fantastic site is the network in between Pulau Buluh and Pulau Legend, which is called ‘Grouper Nation’ by regional fishermen. Strewn with huge rocks, eco-friendly tree coral reefs can be discovered at a depth of 10m. In the waters on the eastern side of Pulau Buluh, there are tiny rocks, difficult corals reefs, and coral reefs fish. Additionally recommended is White Rock, where jacks and barracudas are typically viewed. In the holes of the coral reefs and rough substrate, many big groupers and also snappers are frequently identified.

Pulau Sembilan Tour

[Up to 39% Off] Pulau Sembilan Tour in Perak: Fun Diving Package + 2D1N Stay from Multi Award-Winning Quiver Dive Team for 1 (RM398) / 2 (RM788) / 4 (RM1,488) People. From RM372 per person.

Customers are advised to call 012-213 8885 or email Quiver Dive Team to check on availability of preferred travel dates before purchasing this Groupon and travel tickets to Pulau Sembilan Perak.

Pulau Sembilan Diving provides a glimpse into unfamiliar realms, much like being abducted by aliens or walking through magical clothes storage facilities. Today’s Groupon provides insight with fun diving package with 2D1N stay in a Double Room or Quad Room at Pulau Sembilan Perak from multi award-winning Quiver Dive Team. Choose from the following options:

1 person for RM398 (RM610 published rack rate)

2 people for RM788 (RM1,220 published rack rate) (only RM394 per person per night)

4 people for RM1,488 (RM2,440 published rack rate (only RM372 per person per night)

Double or Quad Room

Queen-sized or 2 bunk-bedding


Common bathroom with water heater

Paddle in deep waters amidst safety of award-winning dive centres as land huggers brave unfamiliar terrain under the care of experienced delegates in liquid realms. Amidst small groups of no more than four people, take the plunge with three dives at man-made isles off nearby coasts. After thrills of swimming with sharks and escaping persistent turtles, folks may recuperate from fatigue with an overnight stay at comfortable guesthouses.

Hotel facilities

Reading area

TV with satellite channels

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Parking lot

Nearby places of interest

Matang mangrove forest excursion

Kuala Sepetang – seafood haven

Segari turtle sanctuary


Coral watching

Fish feeding

Pangkor Island

Check out more things to do and places to visit around Lumut at Virtual Tourist and WikiTravel.

Phone: 012-213 8885

Facebook: Quiver Dive Team

Proper clothes and footwear for outdoor activities are called for. Your apparel ought to agree with outdoor comfort. Loose-fitting and lightweight clothing and non-slippery footwear’s are recommended. Constantly be prepared with appropriate rain gear for example rainfall coat, and waterproof/water resistant provider. With this recommended 2D1N Pulau Sembilan Package & Tour, you will definitely have fun in this lovely island in perak

Pulau Sembilan Package & Tour

Pulau Rawa Resort

Finding a place to stay in Pulau Rawa is so much easier because there isn’t much Pulau Rawa Resort available for you to choose from. There are only 2 options for you to decide which one will be your perfect Pulau Rawa Resort. They are both located on the same beach and just next to each other. So finding the location for your resort will not be a problem as well.

One resort is more expensive and the other is cheaper. So you will just need to work out your budget to see which one is more affordable and suitable for you.

>> Tip @ Island In Malaysia: Book your resort in advance!

As there are only 2 Pulau Rawa Resorts around, there is a high chance of resorts being fully booked during high season especially during school holiday. If you prefer to be more adventurous and decided to go for a campaign, then you do not need to worry about the booking.

Pulau Rawa Hotel / Pulau Rawa Chalet?

In this beautiful island, there aren’t many options if you are looking for Pulau Rawa Hotel or Pulau Rawa Chalet.

So which are the only 2 Pulau Rawa Resorts?

1) Rawa Island Resort

Rawa Island Resort is more expensive than Alang’s Rawa. However, it has decent rooms that are well maintained and well managed. They have a few villas and offer different types of room based on the view and the location that you have chosen.

For your concern, the room comes with A/C.

>> Recommended if you are going with your family especially if you are going with children or parents.

You can find out more about the room rates and booking for Rawa Island Resort HERE.

2) Alang’s Rawa

Alang’s Rawa is cheaper than Rawa Island Resorts. The resort offers a small and very relaxed basic room in a small little cozy house. The charges and pricing is based on no. of person instead of no. of room. So it is always the favourite option by backpackers & young westerners.

For your concern the room doesn’t come with A/C, it only has fresh air and fans.

>> Recommened if you are backpacker, or travelling with a group of friends. If you have kids under 16 it is NOT recommended as they have a policy that restrict children below 16 on weekends.


Are you planning for a weekend gateway and looking for Rawa Island Package? The most popular Rawa Island Package is the 3 days 2 nights stay in Pulau Rawa. You will have a short and relax holiday in the dream of an island.

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you.

Rawa Island Package

Day 1: Getting Excited And Heading To Pulau Rawa

It does not matter where you are coming from, everyone should gather at Mersing Jetty in the morning. You will be taking a boat to Pulau Rawa. If you don’t know how to go Mersing Jetty you can check out our guide here >> How To Go Pulau Rawa.

Make sure that you have checked on the boat arrival time before heading to the jetty. It should take you about 30 minutes journey to arrive at Pulau Rawa.

You can now checkin to Pulau Rawa Resort and have your lunch there. Picnic along the beach is the favourite choice by most of the tourist. You can enjoy the scenery while having your food. You will be surprised that your food will be more delicious with the accompany of white sugary sand, secluded beaches and wide ocean view.

Learn more on >> Rawa Island Day Trip

After your lunch, you can walk around Pulau Rawa and get familiar with the island. You can also have your own leisure there.

Dinner is served and you can have a good rest. More exciting activities will be waiting for you on Day 2.

Day 2: Enjoy And Get Tired With The Activities

There are many activities that the resorts has to offer including scuba diving, snorkelling, and more. You can also organise your own beach volleyball competition there.

Day 3: Say Goodbye to Pulau Rawa

After enjoying to the max on your second day, you will be extra tired. You do not need to wake up too early on your last day.

After packing all your luggages you can check out and get a boat transfer to head back to Mersing and say goodbye to Pulau Rawa.

We welcome you to visit Pulau Rawa again!

Pulau Rawa Package

All the resorts in Pulau Rawa have their own offer for its Pulau Rawa Package. Usually their Pulau Rawa Package will cover two nights accommodations, boat transfers, and all meals. You can learn more on the pricing and what they cover in their raw island package.


If you are planning for an overnight stay at Pulau Sembilan Perak, then most probably you need to look for a Pulau Sembilan Resort. The island includes nine islands, which are Pulau Rumbia, Pulau Lalang, Pulau Saga, Pulau Buluh, Pulau Samak, Pulau Nipis, Pulau Agas, Pulau Miskin, and Pulau Nyamuk. Every one of them is unoccupied, so you will locate an oasis of peace. Pulau Sembilan is located close by the town of Lumut, and close-by Pangkor Island, a prominent traveling destination within Malaysia. The boat takes you to the islands in about an hour.

Pulau Sembilan Resort – Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort is a prize-winning Pulau Sembilan Resort, privately owned hotel island is a perfect getaway spot for couples. With just a fraction of the island developed, jungle trekking is a prominent task to check out the local wildlife. Other activities consist of angling, golf, island hopping, and perfect sunset cruise ships.

The acclaimed Health spa Village at this deluxe home is a must-visit for all visitors, with an array of treatments readily available from across Asia. Dining alternatives, as with the foods provided, can be made a unique dining option. Experience unrivaled solutions and amenities at the lavish Pangkor Laut Hotel.

Pulau Sembilan Resort – Swiss–Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut

Remote within 425 acres of lush greenery will be the Pulau Sembilan Resort – Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut is a gorgeous residential property that links the Straits of Malacca and Pangkor Island. Bordered by natural benefits, visitors will be interested in the rainforest, wetlands, and an invigorating walk via the wonderfully designed yards. An ideal place for an enchanting getaway, this 4-star home is merely a 30-minute drive from Lumet Town, the home of significant tourist destinations, the business district, and prominent residences. 

pulau sembilan hotel
Image Credit –

Pulau Sembilan Accommodation – Marina Cove Resort

An excellent destination to maintain your position in the middle of all the fun and exhilaration the city has to provide for Pulau Sembilan Accomodation. Guests could take a check out to Pangkor Island, Ipoh, Teluk Rubian, enjoy swimming in the lagoon, and also taste the famous local fish and shellfish cuisine.

With approximately five different eating choices on-site, all within the remarkable ambiance, visitors could take pleasure in different food, whether it’s Japanese, fresh fish, and shellfish, Western food or light snacks, and revitalizing drinks at the bench. With all the 138 devices forgetting the sea and also including modern-day services, visitors make certain to experience a good night’s rest at Marina Cove Hotel.

Pulau Sembilan Hotel – Hotel Sfera

Resort Sfera is the Pulau Sembilan Hotel that is centrally located in the township of Seri Manjung, a metropolitan center between Sitiwan and Lumut town where several eateries and buying places can be reached nearby. Providing free parking facilities, Pulau Sembilan Resort Sfera is a 5-minute drive from Lumut Town. Some spaces supply pool views and cost-free Wi-Fi.

pulau sembilan accommodation
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A sauna and outdoor swimming pool are available. Affixed restrooms include toiletries. A TV and telephone are additionally offered. The resort provides washing, completely dry-cleaning, and fax services. Safety deposit boxes are readily available at the 24-hour front desk. Guests could enjoy the neighborhood and Western food at Frying pan & Frying pan Restaurant and also Capers (Pasta-Grill-Bar).

Most people go to the Pulau Sembilan Perak as a field trip. Usually, a group of close friends or a household gets a boat at the small harbor and they see the island for a wonderful barbecue. For this, Lalang Island has the most effective coastlines. Some leave very early in the morning to capture fish in the area then prepare and eat the fish throughout lunch at one of the nice remote coastlines. Pulau Sembilan has no accommodation. The closest place to it is Pangkor Island.


Best Time To Visit Rawa Island

Travelling to Rawa Island and wonder when is the best time to visit Rawa Island? Famed for its white coral reefs sand, tall hand trees and also reef with neon-coloured fish and also other exotic marine life. This quiet island only has 2 selections of accommodation on it. The wood huts snuggled among coconut groves enhance the island’s track record as an enchanting retreat. Rawa is a small, beautiful island located 16 km (10 mi) off the eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia. Bordered by tidy blue waters with jungle vegetation having a hard time for a grip on the craggy cliffs, the island would have been bypassed by the visitor profession entirely were it not for the soft white sands fringing its western coast. Had by the Johor Sultanate, Rawa Island has actually been sensitively developed with just 2 tiny resorts. For individuals seeking a private, weekend vacation, you can’t locate a much more picturesque location compared to this one.

Pulau Rawa Peak Season

During Pulau Rawa peak season which is from April to October there are bunch of ferryboats and rate ferry relocating in between Mersing and also Rawa, yet during the off period there will certainly be simply 1 or 2 trips each day. So much better check the ferryboat time as well as prepare the journey accordingly. Ferries and overnight keeps can be reserved with the hotel workplace on Jalan Abu Bakar in Mersing, or reserved beforehand. The only method to go to Rawa Island is by ferry, typically from Mersing. From Mersing, Rawa island is a 30 minutes speed boat trip or a 1 hour ferryboat ride.

Pulau Rawa Traveling Period

When should be the Pulau Rawa Traveling Period? Although the hotel is open all year round, it is advisable not to take a trip during the gale season between November as well as very early March. If waves are high, the ferry drivers will not move visitors to the island. Approximate taking a trip time: 4 hrs from KL and Singapore. Nearest airport terminal is close to Kuantan.

Pulau Rawa Best Time To Go

The best time to go Rawa Island is prior to November or after march. You can get a boat from the Mersing jetty and also it takes about 1 hr by slow-moving boat or HALF AN HOUR by rate ferry. This cost you RM35 each per person. Or you could organize with the hotel for a pick up at Mersing jetty.

Pulau Rawa Best Time to Visit

The sea gets harsh as well as murky throughout the eastern coast’s monsoon (November – March), so the best time to visit Pulau Rawa would be outside of this period.

Because of its tiny dimension, there is no neighborhood transport on this island. You could walk up and down the coastline along the island’s western side within 15 mins. There is also a steep course bring about the peak of the island which takes a comparable quantity of time to stroll. The other sides of the island contain inaccessible rough cliffs.

If the sea is calm you may intend to rent a canoe as well as paddle around Rawa Island, for a various view of the island, consisting of cliffs and also caverns on the eastern coastline. The eastern coastline must be avoided in bad weather as there is no risk-free harbour on this side of the island and waves and wind could press you towards ocean blue.


Things To Do in Rawa Island

What are the things that you can do in Rawa Island? Rawa Island is an unaffected reefs island, with its white sands and also persuading hand trees. It’s nestled in the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea. It lies sixteen kilometres off the coastline. This stunning island has white sand, coves, and fantastic clear waters for water activities. Comfy chalet-style lodges are offered on the island, and gears for leisure water tasks. Rawa Island has its own ferry boat service to Rawa Island daily, which could carry twelve individuals. The ferry boat departs from the terminal in Mersing. It’s a reasonably town with numerous streets and roundabouts connecting the roadways, one could almost walk around Mersing community in 1hour. On arriving at Mersing and if you desire to go straight to the jetty, either stroll from Restoran Malaysia, which is one of the drop-off factors better to the guesthouses as well as motels around or wait till you get to the final destination.

Pulau Rawa Activities

Below are the things you can do at Rawa Island and some Pulau Rawa activities that you can plan to do together with you friends & family.

Pulau Rawa Snorkeling

Pulau Rawa Snorkelling merely off the western coastline. The hotels rent out snorkelling equipment in case you do not carry your own (Le Club Rawa offers snorkelling devices and life jacket free of cost, nevertheless in limited quantity). There is a coral reef belt stretching all the way north to south parallel to the coastline at a distance of about 20-30 m (66-100 ft) from coast. Although there are some dead reefs, there are huge areas of healthy and balanced tough coral reefs development, as well as a variety of exotic reef fish. Nonetheless, reefs are deteriorating as well as diminishing. Beware of jellyfishes.

Pulau Rawa Water Slides

You could swim in the clear seawater. Likewise, neglect your age and attempt the Pulau Rawa water slides with the children or simply just jump from the jetty. Water is very clear from the jetty with fishes swimming around. But do not leap throughout the low tide or u might come back from your vacations on the wheelchair, which I do not believe they have at Rawa safari.

Beach volleyball

Coastline volleyball is available from both resorts, although it seems most preferred at the Le Club hotel.

Pulau Rawa Fishing

Pulau Rawa Fishing tours can be organized by the resorts. Fishing expedition for 3 to 4 individual is RM 300.00 per travel. Also Fishing expedition for 5 to 10 individual is RM 500.00 each travel.

Pulau Rawa Canoeing

Canoeing is a constant and also resilient plastic watercrafts that you can rent at the hotel.


Both Rawa Island Resort each have a restaurant, with substantial costs. At the Le Club, a straightforward fried rice/noodle expenses are about RM 13+, white rice RM 3+, curry fish RM 28+, tomyam soup RM 25+ as well as various other western food expense greater than RM 20+. Rawa Safaris supplies buffet at a high price (although the full board choice is offered). Buffet dinner is RM 58++. There are no other dining establishments on the island.

Normally the grill dinner buffet is offered in the open, under the palm trees. Visitors are called to supper with bell chimes. At nights, the atmosphere behaves as if there are never too many individuals because of low holiday accommodation capacity. One effortlessly comes to be familiarized with visitors from island, Singapore or from far away countries.