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3D2N Tenggol Dive Package – The Divers Must Go Check Point

Tenggol Dive Package

Pulau Tenggol is a perfect island for divers, and you can find the Pulau Tenggol Dive Package here. Tenggol Island is an additional beautiful diving getaway island merely 45 mins from the coastal jetty in Kuala Dungun. Its dimension is about 3 km in size and 2km in width. Nonetheless, this has not prevented it from becoming a paradise for many people particularly diving enthusiasts. The sandy beach blends harmoniously when it comes to the surrounding setting.

Simply the best diving in Peninsular Malaysia. Dive Tenggol, it is generally preferred that a diver be advance certified, as most of the popular dive sites are deeper with the current. Divers can enjoy clear warm water from the south between the months of March to October.

Additionally, the inland is forested rocky hillsides that make it a scenic location for journey hunters. The hills rising over 800ft offer a panoramic perspective of the island. This rocky surface prolongs from the interior of the island to the ocean and has produced a significant ideal retreat for marine life.

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Pulau Tenggol Dive Package

Here is what the Pulau Tenggol Dive Package included:

* 2-night accommodation

* 3 meals a day – last day only breakfast served

* Free flow of tea & coffee

* Return wooden boat or speedboat transfer

*Scuba Diving Tenggol Package: Guided boat dives with Air Cylinder, weights, and belt,

*SSI Open Water Course Package: Boat dives, Fin, Mask, Regulator, Wet Suit, Weight belt, Air Tank, Dive Manual, P.I.C., Logbook & Course Certification

*SSI Advanced Open Water Course: Boat dives, Fin, Mask, Regulator, Wet Suit, Weight belt, Air Tank, Dive Manual, and Course Certification

(Extension Night: 3 meals & room only)

Find out more info about the available Pulau Tenggol Resort option for you.

Appreciate more than 20 magnificent dive sites. With your Tenggol dive package, you will enjoy a colorful plethora of dive sites with numerous flavors to satisfy divers when it comes to raging interest and levels of diving proficiency.

3D2N Pulau Tenggol Diving Package included:

pulau tenggol diving package
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If you are looking to a 3 Days 2 nights Pulau Diving Package, you can find out more info below:

* Accommodation (air-conditioned and hot shower room)

* 3 meals a day – last day only breakfast served

* Boat dives with the dive guide, filled tank, weights, and weight belt

* Return wooden boat or speedboat transfer

* Boat Dive: 3D2N-4 OR 5 Boat Dive 4D3N-7Boat Dive 5D4N-9Boat Dive

* Surcharge Per Person Per Night (Malaysia and Singapore calendar):

RM 30.00 (Eve & School Holiday) / RM 60.00 (Eve & Public Holiday)

Tenggol Island Beach Resort

The traditional wooden huts of Tenggol Island Beach Resort blends harmoniously when it comes to the atmosphere where it nestles comfortably among the lush eco-friendlies fringing the beach. This comfortable resort is one of the fully-equipped Tenggol dive package and outfits on the island, with a full-facility divers’ base, oxygen kits for emergencies, top quality tools, and a remarkably well-created divers’ kit-up location.

There is a Sunlight Fragrance Lunchroom where you get treated to a fragrant genuine Malaysian cuisine. This resort provides the very best services at a sensible rate to make sure that your journey to dive Tenggol with the Tenggol dive package is memorable.

Tenggol Island Resort Package

There are two primary Tenggol Island Resort Package offered by Tenggol Aqua Resort. Both bundles have a minimum keep of 3D2N with alternatives for extension night. On the twin-sharing basis, 3D2N Leisure Bundle prices RM360 each for Coastline Chalets or RM510 per person for Cottage Chalets. The hotel additionally offers 3D2N Tenggol Dive Package deal that costs RM640 each for Beach Chalets, or RM790 per person for Cottage Chalets.

The 3D2N Diving Package deal features five boat dive trips inclusive of air containers and weights only. The full collection of diving tools can be rented out at RM70 per day, which I located somewhat inflated. All Tenggol dive package deals are inclusive of return boat transfer from Kuala Dungun and back, three meals per day and selections of the cottage.

Pulau Tenggol Snorkeling Package

pulau tenggol snorkeling package
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If you are enjoying the beauty of the sea and beach, you can consider the Pulau Tenggol Snorkelling Package:

* Accommodation (air-conditioned and hot shower room)

* 3 meals a day – last day only breakfast served

* Return wooden boat or speedboat transfer

* Snorkelling Trip: 2D1N – 1 Boat Trip 3D2N-2 Boat Trip 4D3N-3Boat Trip

(With normal mask, snorkel, & life jacket)

Pulau Tenggol Diving Course

If you are looking to take up some Pulau Tenggol Diving course for example PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOW), you will be required to take on night dive in your Tenggol Dive package. Exploring the darkness with torchlight, the marine world appears to be more beautiful, colorful and mysterious. Wide ranges of fish can be seen sleeping in small holes, depends on your luck you might be able to spot whale shark and turtle too. Let’s discover this paradise yourself!

Tenggol Diving Review

If you are still researching and finding more info on Tenggol Diving review on Tenggol dive package, I would really recommend you to just grab your bag and find out more info on Pulau Tenggol how to get there instead!

From afar, the island resembles an individual setting down, so stood the name ‘Dive Tenggol’. ‘Tenggak’ in Bahasa Malaysia means ‘to perch’ still, is noticeable as Tenggol in Terengganu’s regional language. For several, many years this deserted island maintained its secret location. Aside from local anglers waiting out the weather condition.

tenggol dive reviewNight diving experience, fishes were sleeping, the darkness was peaceful and calming. It’s recommended best to avoid night diving in Pulau Tenggol if the tide is too low. There are plenty of staghorn flanking the beach– and it might be difficult to get back to land after the dive, without stepping on them and destroying the corals.


Divers can thus enjoy diving with the elusive sea animals, especially during the months of August-October. Your safety and comfort while underwater is their utmost concern. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, it is recommended you get a professional dive experts in your Tenggol dive package to ensure you have a great time exploring the underwater wonderland. All divers need is to dive with a qualified Dive Master or Instructor that knows the local conditions well, for safe entry and exit.



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